Successful school bodycam trial

  • Posted on: 27 March 2017
  • By: Admin
School Classroom Trial

A secondary school in Birmingham have purchased some of our F1 Pro body-worn cameras following a successful trial.

Lordswood Boys’ School in the West Midlands decided to use the cameras at the beginning and end of each day, as students are arriving and leaving, and during break times.

Their use of bodycams in the school is similar to that of Passmores Academy in Harlow, Essex, which has been in the news following the Headmaster speaking about their trial and its benefits.

"It helps them do their job better," he said. "It is about improving what is going on in schools not necessarily about catching people doing things badly."

Some people have been concerned about body worn cameras being trialled in schools, mainly due to their potential use in classrooms.  However, using the cameras outside the classrooms when there are large numbers of students in one area, and perhaps being supervised by staff who don’t know everyone’s names, can be an effective use of the resource.

Staff at Lordswood Boys’ School were initially cautious about using the cameras until they learned more about them and understood that they only record when the user requires it.  This led to a feeling of increased safety for staff when on duty outside the school.

Headteacher, Dr Koutsou, said they hadn’t previously considered the use of body-worn video until Global Focus offered a free trial, but now would recommend the F1 Pro to others due to the “ease of use and feeling of personal confidence when on duty outside of school as commented upon by the staff who trialled it.”

The Global Focus F1 Pro is small & portable (weighing less than 100g), which makes it easy to be worn. It uses a one click operation function for quick video capture so doesn’t need to be recording all the time, and can be activated by the buttons on the camera itself or via the wireless remote control.
According to the Times Education Supplement (TES) poll of 600 teachers; two-thirds of teachers would feel safer in the classroom if they were wearing a body camera, and a third would willingly wear a bodycam in school.

If you’re interested in a body-worn camera trial, please get in touch.