New cameras available - Muvi HD Professional Body-Worn Camera

  • Posted on: 19 April 2018
  • By: Marketing
Muvi Professional Handsfree Camcorder

We are excited to announce a new addition to our product range - the Muvi Professional Handsfree Camcorder. 

We've tried it out and these are our findings....

The Muvi HD Pro camera is an excellent piece of equipment.  A compact, light camera with a high quality feel, it is simple to use; just switch it on and press record.  

Ease of use:
The size and weight of this camera means it will clip securely onto a jacket without dragging it down, meaning you can be sure the camera is always pointing in the right direction.  A voice activation option allows you to start recording without touching the camera, and a mini remote control can be clipped onto your sleeve to start/stop recording and take still images.

Options for use:
It comes with a variety of mounting options; helmet, dashboard, chest, and 3M adhesive mounts which will attach the camera securely to any flat surface (including a snowboard or ski!).

The 1.5 inch LCD screen on the back of the camera provides the option to review images and recordings on the go, but it is also simple to plug into your pc via the USB or your TV with HDMI cable.

Memory and battery:
With a battery life of 3 hours continuous recording and a 16GB external memory SD card included (up to 32GB SD card can be used), you can be sure you’ll be able to capture everything you need to.   It is also easy to change the resolution if you’re running low on storage and don’t need the highest quality (8MP/1080P) images.

Overall this is a great camera, it takes high quality images; still and video; can be used for all kinds of sporting activities and is very easy to use.  It’s had many positive reviews online and if you’re looking for an action-cam at a reasonable price it is definitely worth a try.

Take a look for yourself....