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  • Posted on: 1 January 2017
  • By: Admin
Global Focus Video Shoot

Body worn cameras are no longer an optional extra for security and traffic management  professionals ; in a world where everyone has a camera phone they are  now an essential  tool in maintaining  the integrity of anyone enforcing the law or facing  conflict situations..

The F1 Pro Camera is extremely light at only 100 grams and remarkably robust and as you can see it is small enough to fit in my hand comfortably. The powerful clip supplied with the Cam is capable of securing the F1 Pro to any item of clothing. 

The ergonomic remote control allows you to record footage or take snap shots easily and discreetly. 

Once you know where the buttons are you could easily operate this blue-tooth transmitter while holding it in your pocket as the function buttons are quite distinctive.

The Global Focus team have listened to their customers and as a result  they have introduced a range of High Visibility Work wear designed to house the F1Pro.

The F1 Pro is an all in one, HD, Infrared video recorder with on board intelligent and secure encrypted enabled software. The system is UK Home Office compliant. and has been developed for the police and professional security operatives to ensure that evidential video capture is readily available to defend an allegation or to support a conviction.

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