Can a body-worn camera help in your job?

  • Posted on: 11 May 2017
  • By: Admin
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There are more reasons than you might think for trying one ….

The first people who spring to mind when you think about body-worn cameras are Police Officers and Security Guards, but there are many others who have trialled cameras and even more who may not yet have realised how they could help them.

Bodycams are used for many purposes; the main (and most obvious) one being to improve the users safety.  Use of body-worn video has been proven to act as a deterrent for criminal activity and anti-social behaviour, helping to change the attitude of some members of the public when they know they’re being recorded.  Many security companies are adopting them for their Door Supervisors; pubs and clubs are requesting their use to assist in maintaining a calm and controlled environment, and indeed for some the use of body-worn video may be a requirement of their licence.

Lone Workers
Staff working alone, such as Council Officers, Rail Staff, Security Guards and NHS Staff, can benefit from using bodycams in their day to day work.  Having the camera as a back-up can improve confidence and morale of staff; helping employers and saving them money by reducing absence through work related stress.

Impartial Witness
Evidence captured on a bodycam can be used in court, and there have been a number of reports where the footage has helped in securing convictions.  Recent examples include domestic violence assaults.

Reducing Complaints
As the bodycam films interactions staff have with the public it increases accountability. This was demonstrated by a 12 month trial carried out by Cambridge University looking at Police forces in the UK and California – resulting in a 93% reduction in complaints.

Demonstrating Best Practice
As well as improving the safety of your staff, body-worn camera use can also help establish the quality of services they are providing.  The cameras offer a unique viewpoint, filming the actions or work being carried out and demonstrating complete transparency of services.

Risk Assessments
Bodycams can be used effectively when carrying out risk assessments and safety checks.  Recording pre-event safety checks, for example, provides proof that they have been completed and video footage which can then be used for training.

Training & Service Improvements
Reviewing body-worn video footage can help identify skill gaps or areas for improvement.  It can also be used for training new staff.  In the US, fire services are wearing the devices to provide them with a more complete picture of the incidents they deal with, viewing the recordings to help improve training and enable them to carry out a more efficient service.

And we could continue …
...there are many other reasons for using a body-worn camera, and many other industries they can benefit – we have created a short video to show you some of these – but there are still more uses out there.

We’d like you to be able to try out a bodycam and see how it can help you, so please get in touch and ask us about a FREE TRIAL – we’ll be delighted to send you camera to try.